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How to encrypt a file

It is easy to encrypt a file with Best Encryption Expert, and the encrypted files feature the highest security strength.

Method 1:

1. Right-click the file you want to encrypt and choose “Best Encryption” in the pull-down menu.

encrypt file

2. Set your password and select the encryption type, then click OK.

encryption window

Method 2:

Start Best Encryption Expert, select the file you want to encrypt from the file-browsing window below, and click the "Encrypt Data" button. Set you password and select the encryption type in the pop-up window, and then click the Encrypt button.

encrypt file

Best Encryption Expert has two ways to encrypt a file: Diamond Encryprion and Portable Encryption.

Diamond- and Portable encryption use the internationally mature encryption algorithm to encrypt your data, which have the strongest encryption level.

Using the Portable encryption if you want to decrypt an encrypted file on another computer.

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