Magic Timed Shutdown
Shut down, restart, log off, lock, sleep, hibernate your computer and perform other more tasks automatically at a specific date and time.
Supports Win10/Win8.1/Win7/Vista/XP
V10.05 | 5.86MB
Magic Timed Shutdown Introduction

Magic Timed Shutdown offers to automatically shut down your computer via different shutdown types on a specific date and time. With PC Management, you can prevent users from running certain programs and opening certain windows. The program can prohibit the use of computer or network for a set period of time and allows you to see the detailed system startup and shutdown times.

Auto Timed Shutdown and More

Automatically shut down, restart, log off, lock, sleep and hibernate the computer, remind you something, run and close a program, open a URL and a file, clean up system garbage and disconnect network. Any of these tasks can be performed under a certain condition. This can be at a specified time, in hours and minutes from you start the task, at a set time on a daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) basis, when upload and download speed is below a certain value for a period of time and more conditions. You can also set to how long remind you before a task is executed.

PC Management

Magic Timed Shutdown can help you prevent users from running certain programs and opening certain windows. The program has preset to disable chat software, download software, compression software, web browsers and online video players, Registry, Task Manager, Control Panel and prohibit changing the system time. You can also add the custom programs and windows yourself.

Disable Computer or Network for a Period of Time

Magic Timed Shutdown allows you to set the computer or network to be disabled for a period of time on a daily basis or on a fixed day of the week. Besides, you can set either Saturday or Sunday as an exception day, or all of them.

Log Startup and Shutdown Times in Windows

Records and analyzes the detailed information of each startup time, shutdown time and each period of up-time of the computer. You can view the PC uptime for the present, today, yesterday, this week, this month and the total.

What User Say
Harrison from Philipsburg

Magic Timed Shutdown is simple to use with multiple usage. You can set a logoff, shutdown, reboot or standby to occur at a certain time or after a time period.

Help You Shut Down the Computer When you Leave it Alone.