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Magic Timed Shutdown Introduction

Magic Timed Shutdown is a professional tool to control the hows and whens of computer shutdowns. This program has four excellent features - Shut Down, PC Management, Time Limit and Log Analysis. It offers a wide selection of choices that can help customize every user's needs.

Magic Timed Shutdown Features

Timed Shutdown: Perform 14 different tasks such as Shut Down under 11 schedules and conditions.

11 schedules and conditions: once only, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, countdown time, computer’s running time, computer’s total uptime of one day, upload speed, download speed and computer idle.

14 tasks: shut down, restart, log off, system lock, sleep mode, alert, screen off, standby, run program, open file, open URL, close program, system garbage cleanup and disconnect internet.

PC Management: Disable the specified programs and windows, disable chat software, disable download software, disbale compression software, disable web browsers, disbale online video players, disable Registry, disable Task Manager, disable Control Panel and prohibit changing the system time.

Time Limit: Disable the computer or internet daily or at a specified time.

Log Analysis: Records and analyzes the details of each startup time, shutdown time and each period of up-time of the computer. You can check the record of each PC startup and shutdown. You can view PC uptime for the present, today, yesterday, current week and current month, and the overall uptime of this computer.