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Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Data Encrypiton Encryption
Best Folder Encryptor

Encrypt your important files and folders on PC by strong security. Only someone with the right password can decrypt it.

Best Encryption Expert

Designed specifically for individuals to password protect your sensitive data and valuable information.

Easy Folder Guard

Protect your personal folders on PC with three methods-password protection, hidden and disguise.

Ace Secret Folder

The software itself is invisible on PC, and folders encrypted by it will be hidden. Use the hotkey or run command to launch it.

USB Flash Drive and External Hard Drive Encryption
USB Encryptor

Password-protect USB flash drives and external hard disks of FAT/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS types. Super fast and easy to use.

Computer Monitoring and Auto Shutdown
PC Monitor Expert

It runs hidden in background, which can record keystrokes, take screenshots, block windows and programs you specified.

Magic Timed Shutdown

It is a powerful tool to control the hows and whens of PC shutdowns , limit the use of computer or Internet at a specified time.

Data Recovery and Other Encryption Software
CHK File Recovery

Examine the contents of the CHK files and determine the correct file types, then recover it effectively.

Best Disk Lock

Completely hide the local hard disk partitions for data security, disable USB storage devices or set them as read-only.

Ace Secret Disk

Ace Secret Disk creates a virtual disk which is invisible on your computer, and you can store your private data inside.