Easy Folder Guard
Download now to protect your personal folders on the computer. Prevent someone from stealing and peeping your private folders.
Supports Win10/Win8.1/Win7/Vista/XP
V9.05 | 3.88MB
Easy Folder Guard Introduction

Easy Folder Guard is a user-friendly and easy to use folder protection program, with which you can choose to password protect, hide or disguise your folder within seconds. The protected folders are prevented from being viewed, copied and deleted.

Password Protect Folder

It requires a password be entered before you open or decrypt a password-protected folder, and automatically re-encrypt the folder when you finished using with files inside are not being used, so you don’t worry about your files being lost.

Hide Folder

After you hide a folder, it disappears from your computer instantly. You cannot find the hidden folder anywhere on your computer except in the software interface. The hidden folder is prevented from being viewed, copied and deleted.

Disguise Folder

Disguise your folder by making them look like the system folders, like This PC, Control Board, Recycle Bin, Printer, Web Folders and more. When you open a disguised folder, it does not require a password, but what you see is not the content of your folder but the disguised object.

Protect Local Disk and USB Drives

Protect and hide your local disk within seconds. In this way you can prevent others from accessing your files and folders in this local disk. For USB storage device inserted into your computer, you can disable it or make the USB storage devices read-only.

What User Say
Eric from Seattle, WA

With this software, I no longer fear of leaking data. It's just perfect! Highly recommended!

Protect Your Private Folders from Malicious Peeps in an Easy and Safe Way.