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How to open encrypted files

Best Encryption Expert allows you to view and edit your encrypted files directly and then automatically re-encypt them after being used via the Open function.

How to open encrypted files

Double-click an encrypted file and enter your password, then you can view and edit the file. Best Encryption Expert will automatically recover the file to encrypted status after it being used.

How to open diamond-encrypted folders

Double-click a diamond-encrypted folder and enter your password, then you can view and edit the folder in "Temporary Unprotect" status.

Temporary Unprotect is to unprotect a folder temporarily, then a control window appears automatically at the middle top of the screen. You can choose to recover the folder to encrypted status manually or automatically.

Full-encrypted folders do not support the Open function, since it encrypts all files in the folder but not the folder. You can use the Open function for the files instead.

For Portable-encrypted files and folders, they can be decrypted but do not support to be opened.

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