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How to use Shred Data

The feature Shred Data allows you to thoroughly delete files and folders, and remove all their traces from your PC. The deleted files and folders cannot be recovered by common "undelete" tools.

Why should we shred data?

When you delete a file from your hard disk, it is not really deleted. The contents of the file remain on your hard disk until they are overwritten by other data. As a result, common "undelete" tools can be used to retrieve sensitive information from a deleted file, which may lead to your data leakage.

Shred Data eliminates this problem. The usage of Shred Data as follows:

1. Start Best Encryption Expert, select the files and folders you want to destroy from the window below.

2. Click the Shred Data button.

3. Then an alert window pops up. Click Yes to continue to shred data, or No to exit.