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How to encrypt a shared folder

With USB Encryptor, you can encrypt shared folders in Local Area Network (LAN), sloving the problem that shared folder cannot be encrypted and encrypted folder cannot be shared.


1. Unzip the file ude.exe in the package you download, then copy and paste the ude.exe to the shared folder you want to encrypt.

encrypt shared folder

2. Double-click on the ude.exe, enter your password to get into the program. The program is made up of three parts (see the picture below): the top side are feature buttons; left part are files and folders unencrypted in the shared folder; the right part is for Flash-encrypted files and folders.

encrypt shared folder

3. Choose files/folders to be encrypted from the left file list, click "Flash-Encrypt" at the top, and those files/folders move to the right part-Flash-Encrypted Area.

encrypt ahared folder

4. Exit USB Encryptor, the target encrypted files/folders cannot be seen in shared folder anymore.

encrypt shared folder

When you want to view the encrypted file/folder, double-click "ude.exe" file inside the shared folder, enter the correct password, click OK, and then the encrypted file/folder appears.