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How to encrypt a folder

Best Folder Encryptor encrypts a folder using five encryption types with high speed and strong security level.

Method 1:

1. Right-click the folders you want to encrypt and choose “Encrypt” in the pull-down menu.

Encrypt Folder

2. Enter your password and select the encryption type, then click Encrypt.

Encryption window

Method 2:

Start Best Folder Encryptor, click the Encrypt Folder button to select the folders you want to encrypt. Enter your password and select the encryption type in the pop-up window, then click the Encrypt button.

method 2

There are 5 ways to encrypt a folder in Best Folder Encryptor: Flash Encryption, Hiding Encryption, Full Encryption, Diamond Encryption and Portable Encryption.

Flash- and Hiding Encryption: Fast encryption and decryption speed, do not occupy any extra space. The two encryption types are very suitable for large folders.

Flash-encrypted folder

Full-, Diamond- and Portable Encryption: Use the internationally mature encryption algorithm to encrypt your data, which have the strongest encryption level.

Full encryption encrypts all files in a folder into encrypted files at one time. You can open a Full-encrypted folder normally without entering password, but each file inside needs the correct password to access.

Using the Diamond encryption if you want to open a folder with a password and the highest security.

Using the Portable encryption if you want to decrypt an encrypted folder on another computer.

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