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PC Monitor Expert Introduction

Professional and all-round monitoring and controlling over the computer you specify.
Stealth operation: PC Monitor Expert cannot be perceived on the monitored computer.
Powerful monitoring: PC Monitor Expert can monitor all activities and operations on the target computer, record keystrokes, screens displayed and windows opened, and log computer idle time. Besides, it allows you to prohibit the opening of specified windows and programs.
Pure software design: This program has no special requirements on computer or network, and imposes no influence on them.
Protect user's privacy: For all customers using our monitoring product, we promise that your private and personal information are highly protected and won't be disclosed to any other people.
Superb after-sales service: With professional technical personnel, we provide complete, sound and considerate customer service.
Application scope: Monitor and control all activities and operations on the monitored computer.
Network requirement: PC Monitor Expert can monitor a target computer even without Internet access. You can view monitored records on the target computer or send records to a specified mailbox and check it on another computer.

Keystrokes Records

PC Monitor Expert can log all keystrokes including English and Chinese characters, numbers and functional keys pressed.

Record Skype chats, IMs, e-mails sent, usernames and passwords logged in some websites or mailboxes. (Warning: DO NOT use this monitoring software for illegal purpose. It does not record sensitive passwords like Skype password)

Record the time of your keystrokes and the title of window, for your convenience to clearly view keystroke records.

Timing Screenshots

Take screenshots of Skype chat window

Take screenshots of the active windows

Take screenshots of the entire computer screen

The recorded screenshots can be played automatically when you view them

Window Monitoring

Record each opened window title and the time to open it.

Prohibit opening the windows containing specified keywords in the title. In this way, all windows containing the keywords will be filtered automatically and PC Monitor Expert will forcibly close them.

Record the actions of opening the prohibited windows and the time to open it.

Program Monitoring

Prohibit running the specified programs (PC Monitor Expert has preset 30+ gaming programs). If a trial to run a prohibited program is detected, PC Monitor Expert will forcibly shut down the program and record this breach.

Advanced Control

Disable chat software like Skype

Disable web browsers such as IE and Maxthon

Disable download software like BT

Prohibit changing the system time

Disable Registry, Task Manager(to prevent from ceasing active programs illegally) and Control Panel.

Advanced Auxiliary features

PC Monitor Expert can send all monitored records (such as keystrokes, screenshots, active windows and breaching behaviors) to a specified mailbox, so you can monitor over Internet as you wish.

You can set a password for using PC Monitor Expert, thus no one can change its settings or remove it without the correct password.

PC Monitor Expert supports shut down the computer at a specified time.

Other advanced features such as Lock file, disk control and computer idle records.

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  • user review

    Santalazy from Gadsden

    Some staff see movies and play video games in work time. While they pretended to work carefully. Thanks to PC Monitor Expert, I can monitor their performance even I am not here.
  • user review

    Motleym from Montgomery

    I installed PC Monitor Expert on my husband computer, it works very well...

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