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Ace Secret Folder Introduction

Ace Secret Folder is an encryption application that makes your folders "secret" and invisible, providing a strong shield to protect your important documents and privacy.

The software is invisible after installation

Ace Secret Folder becomes unseen and without any trace after installation; no one can perceive its existence.

Simple Hotkey Invocation

After Ace Secret Folder is installed, use the shortcut key "Ctrl +Alt + H" to quickly invoke the folder encryption software, so as to encrypt or decrypt a folder. You can set your own software hotkey to hide your secret even deeper.

Folders disappear after encryption

A folder encrypted with Ace Secret Folder becomes completely invisible and disappears from your computer. It can only be opened or decrypted with this folder encryption software.

Fast encryption and decryption

All encryption and decryption in Ace Secret Folder are done in just seconds regardless of the number and size of folders.

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  • user review

    Paul from Ventura

    Some folders in my computer need to be encrypted, but it's too conspicuous to install the general folder encryption software. While Ace Secret Folder specially fits my needs, it's great.
  • user review

    Lily from Salinas

    Ace Secret Folder is very safe to use, and the after-sales service is quite well.

Safety Authentication

We passed the authentication of many well-known security vendors.

Mature, stable and Easy to use

We have over 10 years of history and tens of millions users.

Excellent service and support

If you have any offers of help please feel free to contact us.