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USB Encryptor Introduction

USB Encryptor is a professional USB drives encryption software. In just seconds, it can encrypt all or any specific files in a USB drive and external hard drive. You can also choose to decrypt all files and folders, or only those you need at the time of decryption.

Great Flexibility and Mobility

Data on USB drive and external hard drive encrypted by USB Encryptor is not bound to where it is encrypted and can be used on any computer.

It can also be used to encrypt files and folder on local hard disks.

Read-only Encryption

Set an encrypted file or folder as read-only. The file and folder can only be viewed but not modified, copied, deleted and printed.

Easy to Use

Encrypt any number of files or folders in just a few seconds.

Encrypt all or specified files and folders in a USB storage device as your needs.

Decrypt all or specified files and folders in a USB storage device as your needs.

High Confidentiality

Nobody can get into USB Encryptor without knowing the correct password.

It is impossible for anyone to view and use your encrypted files without decryption.

Green and Safe

USB Encryptor is a green program with powerful features. It does not need to be installed, just simply put it in the device you want to use.

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  • user review

    George from UK

    I saw the introduction of USB Encryptor on a computer magazine, and then tried it. To my surprise, it is really a very good encryption software-easy to use, high security.
  • user review

    Lee from HongKong

    The USB disk I carry when I go out are encrypted by USB Encryptor. I also recommended it to some of my colleagues, and everyone said it was very good.

Safety Authentication

We passed the authentication of many well-known security vendors.

Mature, stable and Easy to use

We have over 10 years of history and tens of millions users.

Excellent service and support

If you have any offers of help please feel free to contact us.