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PC Monitor Expert User Guide

Q: Can PC Monitor Expert monitor the Skype chats?

PC Monitor Expert can log all keystrokes, so it can record Skype chats on the monitored computer...

Q: How to open PC Monitor Expert after installation?

PC Monitor Expert becomes invisible and without any trace after installation. If you want to check the monitored records...

Q: How to set a time interval to capture screenshot?

By default, PC Monitor Expert captures screenshot every 30 seconds. If you want to change the time interval, press Screenshots tab at PC Monitor Expert window...

Q: Can PC Monitor Expert only take screenshots of Skype chat window?

Yes. PC Monitor Expert can take timed screenshots of the entire computer screen, active windows and only Skype chats window...

Q: How to control a specified window with PC Mointor Expert?

PC Monitor Expert not only record the opened active windows, but also control your specified windows. When someone attempts to open the specified window...

Q: How to send the monitored records to a specified mailbox?

PC Monitor Expert allows you to send all monitored records (including keystrokes, screenshots captured, active windows and breaching behaviors) to a specified mailbox...

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