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PC Monitor Expert User Guide

Q: What if I forget the admin password of PC Monitor Expert?

Only FULL Version user can set an admin password. If you forget the password, please reset it with the following method...

Q: What if the system prompts Windows cannot find 'runpcsc' after I enter 'runpcsc' in the Run dialog box?

Such prompt occurs in two cases: 1. The operating system you are using is 64-bit....

Q: Why does PC Monitor Expert reject recording Skype password?

PC Monitor Expert is a standard and formal computer monitoring software, while logging sensitive passwords like Skype or bank password is illegal behavior...

Q: Why PC Monitor Expert cannot send all monitored screenshots in an email?

There are two causes for this problem. 1. The generic email server has strict limitations on file size of attachments. If the software sends all captured screenshots, the file size will exceed the email capacity...

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