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Easy Folder Guard User Guide

Q: What if I forget the amdin password of Easy Folder Guard?

Only FULL Version user can set an admin password. If you forget the password, please reset it with the following method...

Q: How to remove the disk protection without protection record?

Right click on Computer, select Manage in the pop-up menu, and then Computer Management window appears. Click Disk Management in the left list...

Q: How to remove disguise from a folder without disguise record?

Once a folder is disguised, you can remove the disguise from it only with the disguise record in Easy Folder Guard. While if you inadvertently delete the record or change its name, the disguise may not be removed...

Q: What if I forget the password of Password-protected folders?

For a trial version user, please get a password hint using the feature Password Prompt. For a full version user, you can retrieve your password with the Restore Password feature...

Q: It prompts "The folder does not exist" when I open/unprotect a Password-protected folder or I cannot find the Hiding-protected folder in the software. What should I do?

Solutions: 1. Upgrade to the latest verison of software. Click here to download the latest version...

Q: Error Codes prompted at the time of protection and unprotection?

Error Code 2: File Not Found. Error Code 3: Path Not Found. Error Code 5: Access denied...

Q: I am prompted "Error code 0: failed to read encrypted data" when unprotecting a password-protected folder?

This is generally caused by the damage of encryption information file. If you encountered such situation, please press OK and solve it according to the instructions on Easy Folder Guard...

Q: What if I am prompted "wrong password" when I unprotect a folder?

For an older version, if you are sure the password you have entered is correct, now enter 123456. If you open or decrypt the file successfully with 123456, it means the encrypted file is damaged...

Q: What if a password-protected folder cannot be opened after unprotection?

Please choose a best solution according to the specific situation below...

Q: I am prompted "Open with" or "This is not a password-protected folder" when I open a password-protected folder?

"Open with" prompted: You don't install a proper program or encryption software. Because "Open with" appears only the system cannot find the associated program to open the file...

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