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Easy Folder Guard Introduction

Easy Folder Guard is an excellent security application that protects your personal folders from prying eyes. You can choose to password-protect, disguise and hide your folders, or protect the local disks to suit your needs.

Easy Folder Guard

Easy Folder Guard Features

Password Protection: Protect your folders with a password, which is required to open a password-protected folder. The folder wil be restored to protected status when you're finished using so you don't have to worry about it.

Hiding Protection: Hide your folders and they cannot be found in any environment except in Easy Folder Guard. The folders will be recovered to the hiding status automatically when you're finished using.

Disguise Protection: Disguise your folders as the system folder. Open a disguised folder, you cannot see the original content inside, and it can be re-disguised when you're finished using so you don't have to worry about your folder being left unsecured.

Disk Protection: Hide the local disks as you wish. Besides, it can disable the USB storage devices or set them as read-only.

Safety Authentication

We passed the authentication of many well-known security vendors.

Mature, stable and Easy to use

We have over 10 years of history and tens of millions users.

Excellent service and support

If you have any offers of help please feel free to contact us.