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Q: Can I encrypt folders on an external hard drive or USB drive with Ace Secret Folder?

A: Yes. Ace Secret Folder allows you to encrypt folders stored on USB drives and external hard drives. The encrypted folders can only be decrypted with the correct password on a computer wherer Ace Secret Folder is installed.

Q: What will happen to my encrypted folders if the system is reinstalled or ghosted?

A: If your encrypted folders are not stored in the system disk (Disk C), they still remain encrypted status.
If they stored in the system disk (Disk C), please first decrypt them and then backup before you reinstall or recover system, otherwise the encrypted folders will be lost. We suggest that do not store your important data in Disk C.

Q: Will my encrypted folders be decrypted if Ace Secret Folder is uninstalled by others?

A: No. Your encrypted folders still remain encrypted status even if Ace Secret Folder is uninstalled from your computer.

Q: Does the encrypted folder be invalid in safe mode?

A: No. The encrypted folder remains encrypted in Safe Mode, even in DOS mode or dual system.

Q: What if I failed to invoke Ace Secret Folder with the software hotkey?

A: Click Start > Run, enter the command "HF", and then click "OK".

Q: What if I forget the amdin password of Ace Secret Folder?

A: If you forget the password, please reset it with the following method. 1 Enter SOS in the password box and click OK. 2 Copy your activation code and paste it in the pop-up window, and click OK. 3 Your admin password will be reset to 888888.

Q: What if I forget the password of an encrypted folder?

A: For a trial version user, please get a password hint by using the password command. Please contact us with your software version and we will offer you the specific command.
For a full version user, you can retrieve your password with the Restore Password feature. Start Ace Secret Folder, click the Settings button, select "Need password to use this software " in the pop-up window, and set an admin password (If you have set an admin password, please skip this step). Then back to the window of the program, right click on the encryption record that you forget password, and select Restore Password from the dropdown menu, then enter your admin password and click OK, the program will tell you what the password you set for the folder.

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