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Best Encryption Expert Introduction

Best Encryption Expert is a powerful file and folder encryption utility mainly for users who often encrypt important files and folders. It features super fast and most powerful file and folder encryption.

With advanced encryption algorithms, its encryption on your files and folders can be super strong and is faultless. The encrypted files and folders cannot be decrypted without the password, and can be prevented from deletion, copy and movement!

Best Encryption Expert

Main Features of Best Encryption Expert:

Data Encryption: Encrypt a folder with three methods.
Diamond Encryption: Pack and encrypt a folder into an encrypted file with internationally mature encryption algorithm.
Full Encryption: Encrypt all files in a folder at one time with the internationally mature algorithm. Just open the file you want to use and enter the correct password. It's very convenient and safe.
Portable Encryption: Pack and encrypt a folder into an executable (.exe) file with internationally mature encryption algorithm. You can encrypt important files and folders with this method, and then send it over the network or by other means to be used on a machine where Best Encryption Expert is not installed.

Data Shredding: Thoroughly delete files and folders, and remove all their traces from your PC. The deleted files and folders cannot be recovered by common "undelete" tools.

Folder Protection: Password-protect, hide and disguise folder.

Disk Protection: Hide all your drives - floppy, hard disk and CD-ROM, etc. Disable USB devices and set USB devices as read-only.

Enhancements: System garbage cleanup, system optimaization.

Safety Authentication

We passed the authentication of many well-known security vendors.

Mature, stable and Easy to use

We have over 10 years of history and tens of millions users.

Excellent service and support

If you have any offers of help please feel free to contact us.