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What's the difference between the full and the cracked version?

1. Stability and safety
Our Full Version of Best Encryption Expert is strictly tested and security-focused, which can completely secure the safety of your data and enhance the stability of your system.
Whereas for a cracked version, the software process has been forcibly tampered, making the software vulnerable and is susceptible to data loss and system unsteady. What's worse, many cracked versions are virus and Trojans carriers which can put your computer at high risk.

2. Superb service and technical support
We provide sound technical support and considerate service for our Full Version user, and our professional and technical personnel is always at your service to resolve your problems.
You may not enjoy such superiority with a cracked version.

3. Real-time update
The Full Version of Best Encryption Expert can be updated to the latest edition at any time and allows you to experience the new features at the first time.

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