• CHK File Recovery

    CHK File Recovery

    CHK File Recovery is a professional CHK file recovery software. It can be fast and accurate to recover mp3, mp4, jpg, bmp, gif,png, avi, rm, mov, mpg, wma, wmv, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and other common file types.
  • Easy Folder Guard

    Easy Folder Guard

    An excellent folder protection software. It can password protect, hide and disguise folder, which is convenient and efficient to solve your protection problems.
  • Ace Secret Folder

    Ace Secret Folder

    A mysterious Folder Encryption Software. Without leaving any trace after installation, others never think that your computer has installed this software, and even the encrypted folder.
  • Best Disk Lock

    Best Disk Lock

    Completely hide the hard disk partition and drives in your computer, disable USB devices and set USB devices as read-only. After disguise, you cannot find it under any environment, which can ensure your data security.
  • Ace Secret Disk

    Ace Secret Disk

    Ace Secret Disk can create an encrypted disk on your computer, where you can put your privacy files (photos, videos and financial information,etc) in.