" All the important documents of company are encrypted by this encryption software. It is easy and safe to use!"
By Bill from US

"Safe, confidential, convenient…It really is a good software."
By Dan from Austin, TX

"A very practical computer monitoring software! Some staff always see movies and play video games during work time. What's more, when I am here, they pretended to work carefully. But thanks to PC Monitor Expert, I can monitor their performance even I am not here. Now they don't do what not related to work. Thanks a lot."
By Santalazy from Gadsden

"I installed PC Monitor Expert on my husband computer, it works very well..."
By Motleym from Montgomery

"I saw the introduction of this removable hard disk encryption software in a computer magazine, and then tried it. To my surprise, it is really a very good encryption software-easy to use, high security."
By George from UK

"The USB disk and portable hard disk I carry when I go out are encrypted by this software. I also recommended it to some of my colleagues, and everyone said it very good."
By Lee from HongKong

"Just as the name shows, Magic Timed Shutdown is truly a magic timer!
By Leo from York

"Magic Timed Shutdown is simple to use with multiple usage. You can set a logoff, shutdown, reboot or standby to occur at a certain time or after a time period."
By Rose Harrison

"All the computers of company have installed Best Disk Lock. After USB devices are locked, the phenomenon of data leakages reduced a lot."
By Tom from Burbank

"A very useful software, I like it very much."
By Jones from Glendale

"Best Folder Encryptor is awesome! It is the best safeguard protecting important files of my company. "
By Ray Bass

"I saw Best Encryption Expert from an AD for Notebook. After download and trial, I found that it is indeed a powerful file encryption software."
By Anonymous

"Easy Folder Guard gives my data all-round protection from being edited or deleted. This is just what I need."
By Seth from LA

"With this software, I no longer fear of leaking data. It's just perfect!Highly recommended!"
By Eric from Seattle, WA

"Some folders in my computer need to be encrypted, but it's too conspicuous to install the general folder encryption software. While Ace Secret Folder specially fits my needs, it's great."
By Paul from Ventura

"Ace Secret Folder is very safe to use, and the after-sales service is quite well.
By Lily from Salinas

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