It prompts "The folder does not exist" when I open/unprotect a Password-protected folder or I cannot find the Hiding-protected folder in the software. What should I do?


1. Upgrade to the latest verison of software. Click here to download the latest version.
Start Easy Folder Guard after successful installation, right click on the blank space in the window. For trial version users, select "Regular scan for Password- and Hiding-protected Folder", while for full version users, select "First Aid Center".

2. Check the disk where your protected folder locates. Click here to view the tutorials.

Causes could be:
1. The protected folder has been moved
The "folder" left after password protection is just a shortcut about 1KB in size, with which we can open and unprotect password-protected folder.
Therefore, password-protected folders are prevented from deletion, copy and movement. Even if you have moved, what you moved it is the shortcut. The real protected folder is still in the original location.
So you will receive such a prompt if you moved a password-protected folder to another partition. In this case, you only need to open Easy Folder Guard, select the protection record in Protect Folder window and unprotect it. However, if you format the original partition, your data will be lost.
If you move the protected folder to another location in the same partition, you can still use it as usual. However, when you unprotect it, you will find the folder is unprotected to the original location where it is protected or to the root directory of the partition.
2. The system format of the partition where the Password-/Hiding-protected folder locates has been changed
Password and Hiding Protection are performed based on the system format of the partition where the target folder locates. If you convert the system format, when you try to open a Password- or Hiding-protected folder, you will see prompts such as “Encrypted data is not found”. This can be solved by converting the system format to the original one, or solve the problem with "First Aid Center" in full version software.
Note: It is risky to convert a partition system format. You are suggested to unprotect first and then convert.
3. Incompatible software versions<
If your folder is protected with a very old version of the software, then you upgrade it to the latest version, and this kind of problem usually happens. If it is really such a situation, you can either reinstall the old version with which you protected your folder, or you can get help from the full version's First Aid Center.
4. Incompatible operating system
If you protect your folder on XP or Vista system, you upgrade your system to Vista SP1, Vista SP2 or Win 7, or conversey, this above-mentioned situation may occur.
Solutions: Restore to the operating system with which you protect your folder, or use First Aid Center in full verison.
5. Disk damage
Logical errors occurring in the disk can cause the protected folder to be lost. Your data may be recovered with a recovery tool.
6. Take data that has already been unprotected as still protected data
Note: Please search the folder in the partition where you protect it.
7. Virus Scanning Security Tips
Some security software change the information of your protected folder, which leads to the problem. Please try to solve the problem using First Aid Center in full version .
Besides, due to the special nature of Password- and Hidding-protected folders, you are suggested to unprotect all of them BEFORE reinstalling or restoring the system.

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