What if I am prompted "wrong password" when I decrypt a folder or file?

There could be two cases:

Password-protected folders: For an older version, if you are sure the password you have entered is correct, now enter 123456. If you open or decrypt the file successfully with 123456, it means the encrypted file is damaged. This is because the default password for damaged files is 123456.

However, if you still get a wrong password prompt after entering 123456, it is absolutely sure that the password you entered is not correct.

For a new version, if there is no prompt"error reading password information", it definitely means that you entered a wrong password.

Full-, Diamond- and Portable-encrypted folders: If you get a wrong password prompt, it is absolutely a wrong password.

If you do forget the password of a Password-protected folder, it can be retrieved if you are using a full version software. For trial version users, you will get a password hint.

However, we are not able to help you if your files and folders are encrypted with Diamond-, Full- and Portable Encryption.

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