Will my activation code still be used if the system is reinstalled?

Yes, the registration code can still be used. After the reinstallation, enter the registration code again and it is activated for continued use.

How many computers can one activation code be used on?

All of our products, except USB Encryptor (which is authorized to use on partition basis), are authorized to used on one computer, that is, one registration code can only be activated on one computer.

If you want to use registration code on several computers, buy multiple set of our products. Our price is favorable for multiple purchase.

Besides, all registration codes of our security products are authorized to permanently used, except for the annual version and quarterly version of Magic Timed Shutdown. If you want to use the registration code when your computer changes, please contact us and we will adjust the registration code to your new computer.

When can I receive the activation code after payment?

You can receive the registration code shortly after the success payment is confirmed.

Our system will automatically send the registration code of our products to your Mail address right away after the success payment.

What if I forgot my activation code?

If you do forget your registration code, please contact us by providing you Order Number or your e-mail address. If you want to buy a new registration code, provide you e-mail address is OK.

Will my activation code still be available after I changed the computer or hardware?

Yes. Our registration code is bound to a specific computer only when it is activated, therefore you can choose to activate the registration code on any computer after purchase. While the registration code is activated, you can only use the registration code on the very computer where you activated it.