A: Why don't you make your products free of charge?

Q:Software is the product of intellectual work, belonging to an intangible property. The value of a software is not its storage media(such as CD-ROM), but the medium software itself.

Software's pre-development, post-maintenance and technical support service are in need of developers to invest a lot of manpower and material resources. Good returns of software can guarantee the healthy development of a software to provide customers with better services and features.

In fact, there is no free software. All softwares are paid by the users or a third-party.

Now, a lot of so-called free softwares, such as antivirus software, download software, browse software and chat software, are actually the softwares of third-party payment. These softwares are very popular, whose features determine that they can be paid by the third-party.

Our products are the professional softwares that are paid by the users.

Some professional softwares can be used for free, but their advanced versions must be paid, or by installing plug-ins or setting user home to let a third-party pay.

Our directly released software is with the best and most full-function, and it doesn't carry any plug-ins and modify the user home.

A: What will I get after buying your genuine software?

Q:Buy a software is actually to buy its license and service. After buying our product, you will:
1 Use the software without function and time limitations;
2 Enjoy our perfect service and technical support;
3 Upgrade free to the latest version with the best functions for lifetime.

A: What is permanent "one-to-one " authorization?

Software use authorization includes the quantity authorization and time authorization.
Quantity authorization generally refers to that how many computers a software can be used on.
Permanent "one-to-one " authorization means one software you purchase is authorized to be permanently used on one computer. There is also "more-to-one" authorization, such as two, three or five computers. But its price will be more expensive than that of "one-to-one " authorization.
Time authorization refers to that how long a software can be used, or how long you can enjoy the technical support and upgrade. In general, there is one-year, three-year or lifetime license. Most of our products are permanent authorization.

A: What is partition authorization?

Partition authorization is the specific way to authorize the encryption software for USB disks and removable hard disks, which means you can perform a software on several computers' disk partitions.

A: What is the difference between a Genuine Version and a cracked one?

1. Stability and safety
Our Genuine Version is strictly tested and security-focused, which can completely secure the safety of your data and enhance the stability of your system.
Whereas for a cracked version, the software process has been forcibly tampered, making the software vulnerable and is susceptible to data loss and system unsteady. What's worse, many cracked versions are virus and Trojans carriers which can put your computer at high risk.
2.Superb service and technical support
We provide sound technical support and considerate service for our Genuine Version user, and our professional and technical personnel is always at your service to resolve your problems.
You may not enjoy such superiority with a cracked version.
3.Real-time update
The Genuine Version can be updated to the latest editon at any time and allows you to experience the new features at the first time, while the cracked version is old.

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