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Can USB Encryptor be used on a hard disk?

  • Yes, no problem.
  • USB Encryptor can be used not only in USB disk and removable hard disk, but also in computer hard disk.

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Can USB Encryptor encrypt a USB disk or removable hard disk?

  • USB Encryptor cannot directly encrypt a USB disk or removable hard disk.
  • But it can encrypt all files and folders in a disk in one time.
  • After encryption, what you see is an empty disk. Only to enter USB Encryptor with the correct password you can see all files and folders.
  • The encryption effect is as same as that on a USB disk or removable hard disk directly.

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Can I delete USB Encryptor located in a disk partition?

  • Yes. Because USB Encryptor does not encrypt a folder or file into itself.
  • Therefore, after you delete USB Encryptor, your encrypted folder and file will not be effected.
  • If you need to decrypt an encrypted file or folder, or to encrypt other folders or files, just download USB Encryptor in the original disk.

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